Pure cashmere made in Nepal

Chyangras, the mountain goats living in the Himalayan highlands of Nepal are the main source of cashmere fibers in Nepal. Products from these fibers are pure cashmere, made in Nepal which is unbeatable in terms of quality. You shall find lots of cashmere products in the touristic hubs of Kathmandu such as Thamel. However, not all of the companies have an image or goodwill to maintain. Search ‘pure cashmere shawls products’ and you shall find lots of websites on your screen claiming themselves to be the provider of pure luxury cashmere pashmina shawls. Either you are purchasing the cashmere product...

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Nepal's No.1 cashmere product supplier and Manufacturer Company

Kanchan Cashmere Industries Pvt. Ltd. is Nepal's No. 1 cashmere product supplier and manufacture company that has been exporting quality cashmere products since years. We have been authorized by OEKO – TEX ® for the use of STANDARD 100 by OEKO – TEX ® mark. In addition to our assured and guaranteed cashmere products, we continuously strive for improvement and development in our aim to serve the best quality product to our valued customers with our innovation and research. With the quality of the cashmere product we provide, innovation we merge in the production, through the best use of modern...

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Where to buy cashmere in Nepal

Cashmere fibres are obtained from the undercoat of Himalayan goats, the Chyangras. Producing just a single cashmere product requires fibres from more than one Chyangra. If you are in Kathmandu, stroll around the Thamel area, and you shall plenty of shops to buy cashmere in Kathmandu. It is important to note that not all the cashmere industries have goodwill to maintain. Visiting the cashmere company directly to buy is the best reliable way to purchase quality cashmere carpet. The best way to know about its quality is to check how soft or dense it is by caressing. Neither the over-milled,...

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Benefits of wearing cashmere

Benefits of wearing cashmere Cashmere wool is very warm, smooth, and light. Cashmere products are the perfect value for your hard earned money. They absorb moisture and keep you warm and dry throughout winter, and cool during summer. They are naturally resistant to fire and are durable for long run, also you don’t feel any scratchy feeling. Including these, there are lots benefits of wearing cashmere cloths. Some of the benefits of wearing cashmere are explained below: Warm, smooth, and unique Cashmere cloths are warmer than the woollen cloths. It doesn’t weigh so much, and is so light that you shall enjoy its...

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Wholesale cashmere shop in Kathmandu

Cashmere fibres are obtained from the undercoat of mountain goats, also called Chyangra in Nepali. Nepali is pretty popular for cashmere and Pashmina, and there is a considerable number of wholesale cashmere shop in Kathmandu. Pashmina is a trademark name of Nepali cashmere, which is registered in more than 31 countries. Though, still, cashmere products production goes through traditional process, emergence of new technology has replaced some of the handy works. When China and India started producing cashmere products, the export of Nepalese cashmere products was severely affected. With the growth in preference for these products, the number of wholesale...

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Cashmere in Nepal

The cashmere fibers are obtained from the undercoat of Chyangras, the Himalayan goats reared in the highlands of Nepal. Cashmere from Nepal is also popular as Pashmina. However, there’s difference between the cashmere and Pashmina. First, the wool from the mountain goats are sheared off during the spring season. However, a single goat produces just 3 ounces of pashmina wool in a year, which is not even sufficient to weave a pashmina shawl; wool from about three Chyangras are needed. After the wools are collected, they are then hand spun. Using the local spinning wheel, the Chakra, people spun the...

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Cashmere factory in Kathmandu

Obtained from the undercoat of mountain goats, cashmere fibres are handled manually, right from the collection of fibres till the product gets final touch, everything follows manual handling. Finding the qualitative cashmere factory in Kathmandu can be quite difficult. Not all the factories have image to maintain, trust to keep winning, and future to keep growing. Some industries penetrate the cashmere market to bag as much money as possible within the short span of time. Similarly, some industries have been mixing furs of other animals and selling the products claiming to be of genuine quality. Normally, the manufacturing industries collect cashmere...

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How to wash cashmere clothing?

Cashmere is obtained from the undercoat of Himalayan goats in the highlands and processed manually. Cashmere cloths can be quite expensive to buy, and you might want to pay extra care while washing. Taking cashmere care is as much important as it is while producing it. However, you don’t have to panic. We have covered your concerns about cashmere care. Only hand wash  It is recommended to hand wash cashmere cloths. It is very important not to expose them to the direct heat unless you want your product to shrink. Similarly, wringing or stretching the wet cashmere isn’t good either. If unhandled...

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Every Pashmina is Cashmere but every Cashmere is not Pashmina

Go shopping a cashmere product, you shall find varieties of textiles with the terms “Pashmina” or “Cashmere”. Buy any shawl or scarf, you shall hear about Pashmina all over, the price of which ranges from cheap to very expensive category. Cashmere fibres are obtained from the undercoat of Himalayan goats—Chyangra (In Nepali). Both of these terms are pretty similar; the word ‘cashmere’ is the western term for ‘Pashmina’. Generally, Pashmina fibre is finer with the quality of premium standard in comparison to cashmere. This is why you never hear ‘Pashmina Sweater’ but a ‘Pashmina Shawl’. Pashmina fibres are collected during the...

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10 facts you need to know about cashmere

Cashmere (also called Pashmina in Nepali) fiber is obtained from the undercoat of mountain goat-Chyangra. The rearing of Chyangra, collecting the fibers, spinning, and weaving all follows traditional practices and methods. A single sweater production requires furs from 3-5 Chyangras, and takes a long time to produce the final product. 10 facts you need to know about cashmere are mentioned below: 1.Cashmere is expensive. Cashmere is expensive because there are very few countries where Himalayan goats are bred. This has limited the volume of production. Similarly, a significant amount of furs is required to make the final cashmere product. A producer cannot...

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Tips for buying cashmere products

We've got some tips for buying cashmere products that might help you. Cashmere fibers are obtained from the undercoats of Himalayan goats—Chyangra. The hairs from more than two Chyangras are required to make a cashmere sweater. It requires time and a lot of manual labor to make cashmere products; the production process is expensive. The prices of Pashmina varies as per the quality of the cashmere. A cashmere product with the combination of cashmere and silk is quite expensive in comparison to the combination of cashmere with nylon. There are lots of fake cashmere products in the market from China. The...

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Nepal cashmere sweater

In Nepal cashmere sweater has gained international recognition. Cashmere, commonly known as 'Pashmina' in Nepal, is made from the fur of the mountain goat. The cashmere sweater is fine to touch, exquisite in design, and comfortable to wear. A wide range of varieties are available, each being unique and different in its own. These are a quite expensive product; they are not produced in a batch of a lot, and no company can afford any wastage. Nepalese culture, art, and skill are represented on these warm sweaters. Despite the increasing number of news about the sale of the inferior quality...

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Difference between Cashmere and Pashmina

There's slim difference between cashmere and Pashmina, otherwise, both terms mean the same thing. If you are a first-time buyer, it might be difficult for you to identify the difference, since the source of both products is the same: the Cashmere goat. But, to be precise, there used to be quite a difference between these products in the past; but nowadays both of them are pretty similar. The word Cashmere is popular in the Western Country. Derived from the word "pashm", Pashmina is the name that local people use. "Pashm" is the fiber produced from the Chyangra—the mountain goat. No...

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What is cashmere? why is it so expensive?

Want to know—what is cashmere and why is it so expensive? Bingo! You are at right place. Cashmere is fibers made up from the fur of Chyangra—the mountain goats. Since these goats live in the Himalayan region, they adapt in such cold icy climate with their fine furs. These furs are removed from the body of Chyangra without harming or hurting them. It is normally believed that reproducing furs for these goats take around four years. Have you ever wondered about what makes these fibers so special? These fibers are special because, no any technical complexities are required to produce a...

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Cashmere clothes from Nepal

Cashmere clothes from Nepal are branded products from the country that have won the heart of many national and international buyers. Be it a shawl or a sweater, these fine fabric, exquisite design, and comfortable garments are different and unique from every similar product. Each item gets individual care and attention which is not possible in batch production in a factory. Though they are quite expensive, do not judge a product by the price alone; there are lots of fake cashmere products available in the market. Cashmere cloth is nothing like any other garment; the fibres are spun and sprayed after...

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Cashmere products supplier from Nepal

Producing pashmina products had remained a traditional business in Nepal, but with introduction of new technology, increase in fame of Pashmina, the number of cashmere products supplier from Nepal has tremendously increased. The supply was negatively impacted when India and China copied pashmina and started exporting. Nepal Pashmina Industries Association has registered an international trademark of Nepali pashmina as Chyangra Pashmina, to which 31 countries have already accepted. The number of supplier exporting cashmere products was very few when it was still an infant industry, but as it got international recognition and preference, growing companies started customizing the products. Cashmere products...

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High quality cashmere products from Nepal

High quality cashmere products from Nepal have a tremendous sale in international market in about 75 countries, despite chaos in export when India and China stared producing and exporting the copies of pashmina. Very recently, the Nepal Pashmina Industries Association (NPIA) has introduced international trademark of pashmina – Chyangra Pashmina which has been registered in about 31 countries. The quality of the fibre, thickness, length, stretch-ability etc. are some of the important factors to consider the quality of cashmere. Generally, standard quality cashmere is relatively expensive, but the mere price shouldn't be considered in determining the quality. The best way...

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Cashmere shawls supply from Nepal

While pashmina amounts to more than 50% export of handicraft products, when India and China started producing copies of pashmina, cashmere shawls supply from Nepal suffered badly. 21.78% of total handicraft exports amounting Rs. 584,265083 was contributed by Pashmina in the year 2007-8. It was Rs. 793,632,764 in the year 2070/71, which decreased to Rs. 517,757,266 in the year 2071/72 by 35%. The contribution of Pashmina export was 11% in the year 2014/15. It is believed that approximately 5% of the product is consumed domestically, while others are exported to the countries like USA, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, UK, India,...

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Men and women cashmere product from Nepal

Kanchan Cashmere is the manufacturer and supplier of men and women cashmere product from Nepal. It produces quality cashmere clothes in its own in-house factory and supplies cashmere all around the world. Cashmere is known for its smooth touch and rich looks which is why this fabric is being preferred choice among people with sense of fashion. Sweaters and scarves are popular cashmere clothes for men. Sweater makes a man look fashionable. Scarves add finishing touches to the outfit. Cashmere is expensive fabric that is extracted from the inner coat of Himalayan goats. Cashmere got its popularity in European countries in...

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Nepal Cashmere Company

Kanchan Cashmere is one of the leading Nepal Cashmere Company who has been supplying quality handmade and other cashmere products in both wholesale and retail scale. We are the specialists in making luxurious cashmere. All of the cashmere are made by our highly skilled staffs in our own factory which enables us to provide custom cashmere products like sweater, shawl, gloves and more according to your needs of color and size.    We are the Cashmere company from Nepal which manufactures and exports cashmere for men, women and kids in pure pashmina using jacquard, embroidery, printing and other techniques. Kanchan Cashmere...

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Cashmere Manufacture and Supplier Company in Nepal

Kanchan Cashmere is one of the leading cashmere manufacture and supplier company in Nepal. We are the quality manufacturer of men and women cashmere clothes. We have extensive collection of cashmere clothes with superb finishing and unique designs. These clothes are given appealing looks through signature cuts. We deal in Knitted, embroidered, jacquard, printed, woven and other cashmere products. These clothes are prepared from finest cashmere that is extracted from Himalayan goats.  Cashmere products are available in different shapes and sizes. We offer customize cashmere products so that you can choose your own design, pattern, shape, size and color. Remember us if...

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Quality checks are made on all our production cycles with the help of our technicians and state of the art instruments.



Kanchan Cashmere is the leading Cashmere manufacturer in Nepal which supplies highest quality Cashmere products throughout the world. As a luxury Cashmere manufacturer and supplier, we deal in exclusive clothing and accessories including handmade and knitted sweaters, scarves, mitten, ponchos, gloves, socks and other items that cope up with the latest fashion trends. The unique properties of exceptional softness and warmth make this luxury fabric a preferred choice among people. Cashmere items are 40% warmer than normal wool and these items are the best to keep your body warm during cold winter.
Being the manufacturer of fine Cashmere products, we provide wide range of 100% Cashmere clothes for men and women in different colours and designs to provide our clients with more choice. We never compromise with quality which is why our technicians make quality checks on all our production cycles to ensure that our clients get the best finished product. All of our Cashmere products are customizable and the size, colour and grading of these items can be tailored to your requirement.

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