Made By 100% Cashmere
Do you want to feel luxurious? , Do you want to feel warm? Then you're adjacent to our 100% cashmere clothes to feel comfortable and luxury. kanchan cashmere start to meet the customer’s satisfaction, which is made by 100% cashmere items. To give kind of dresses that attires for both men and women we established with genuine cashmere products. We provide you a 100% guaranteed cashmere products which is extract from cashmere goats and other goat’s varieties.

Made by 100% cashmere is no offensive in use because of its warmth and smoothness. You can check it by stretch a bit, if it will spring out back to its own position then it’s a 100% cashmere. Moreover, you can also check by rubbing your face and hands weather it is made from cashmere products or not. Cashmere in use is 40% warmer than other normal woolen types. They are delicate, softer and lighter as well.

Throughout the cold winter days, cashmere is amongst the most looked after fabrics. In addition, cashmere can be used in all types of climate as its insulation properties changes with the changes in correlative humidity in air. It keeps warm in winter and cool in summer. Cashmere is soft in touch and you can feel its smoothness. We facilitates you all genuine cashmere handmade and knitted clothes.

Kanchan cashmere is one of the leading company of cashmere manufacturer and distributor in Nepal. There are many cashmere manufacturer in Nepal ,but you need to aware of flaws whether it is cashmere or not. There are many fake seller who don’t care of their customer and sells items in the name of money with heavy discounts offer. You need to identify, be more careful during purchasing these items.

The material used in cashmere is obtained from the undercoat of the Himalayan goats also, called chyangras in Nepal. The fibers used in it are collected from various goats to make a pancho, shawl, sweater, scarves, mitten, gloves etc. To cope up with the new fashion trends the items are tailored according to the clients needs. Our craftsmanship always satisfy customer because of our quality products.100 % cashmere have its unique properties thus, it becomes the luxury fabric proffered among the people.

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