Alpaca fiber or Alpaca wool or Alpaca fleece is a category of wool or fiber that is obtained from Alpacas. Alpacas are native to South America and are also domesticated in other parts of the world mainly for their soft and warm wool. These wools obtained from Alpaca are substantially softer and more durable than sheep wool.
Alpaca wools are popular for their flexibility since they can be both heavy or light and hence can be used for several kinds of outfits and garments. These alpaca fibers are of 2 kinds depending upon the source they are extracted from. One is Huacaya fiber obtained from the alpaca breed of the same name and the other is Suri wool obtained from Suri alpaca.
Huacaya fiber resembles sheep wool in terms of physicality and Suri fiber bears a resemblance to natural silk. Both of these fibers boast a fair share of special reasons and thus, are equally esteemed.
Features of Alpaca wool
  • Incredible breathability
  • High heat retention aptitude
  • Notable stretch ability
  • Hypoallergenic and very water-resistant
  • Higher price but material is completely worth it.
Different types of Alpaca Wool
As mentioned earlier as well, there are 2 breeds of alpaca providing 2 different kinds of alpaca wool.
1. Huacaya wool

These wools are derived from Huacaya alpacas and boast light and spongy texture when it is just shorn from the alpacas. For making heavy heat retention outfits like sweaters and fleece jackets, Huacaya wool are preferred.

2. Suri wool
Suri wool is much finer and hence quite distinguishable than Huacaya wool. Contrary to Huacaya wool which are fuzzy and curly, Suri wool are shaggy. Suri wool is breathable and preferred for garments like suits, dresses , shirts etcetera.  

What is Alpaca wool/fiber used for?
Alpaca wools are used to make both summer and winter wear since these materials can be both heavy and light. You will find high quality heat retention clothes like alpaca wool sweaters, mittens, cozy alpaca wool gloves, alpaca wool mats etcetera.
Likewise, Alpaca fleece is also used to make other comfortable everyday wear like socks, shirts and pants.
Beside this, durable sportswear, rugs, even toys and dolls, bedsheets, hiking socks are made from this multi-purpose wool. This wool has a fantastic combination of breathability as well as heat retention, thus it being used for other garments as well.

Alpaca wool is highly desired by consumers and wool enthusiasts. One of the reasons behind the growing popularity of Alpaca fleece is that this unique wool is hypoallergenic due to the absence of lanolin. These wools are also elastic, making knitting and weaving more convenient.

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