vicuna wool clothing

vicuna wool clothing

Jan 01, 1970 05:30am | Cashmere Clothes

Vicunas are the higher altitude animals living in the high alpine areas of the Andes Mountains in South America, in parts of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador. It’s the national animal of Peru.

They belong to the family of llamas and alpacas. Alpacas and llamas are domestic animals and guanaco and vicunas are the wild ones. Vicunas are the smallest amongst these four related species which produces extremely soft, finest, and most luxurious natural fiber of the world. They live above the altitude of 4500 meters from sea level which automatically makes them resistant to extreme cold at such heights. These high parts where vicunas live are extremely cold at night. Their body traps the heat from the sun during the day which it uses to keep warm at night.

Vicuna wool clothing is an expensive, luxurious piece of clothing that is really rare to find. A vicuna animal can be sheared only once in every three years. The history and heritage of vicunas are extremely amazing. These animals were popular and in demand for their fur since the Inca times. For centuries these animals were hunted rather than sheared, for a material substantially finest amongst all the natural fibers. They were known as Inca royalty treasures during those times. Only royal families were permitted to wear vicuna garments but today its products are all over the world.

Vicunas were hunted to use their fur for clothing till the verge of extinction. During 1974 only around 6000 vicunas were left due to haphazard hunting and illegal poaching. With years and years of conservation programs and punishable laws against the hunting of vicunas now their number has raised to around 350,000. The fleece of these delicate antelope-like creatures produces the most luxurious wool in the entire world. This fine fur helps to trap more air and hence insulates our body perfectly. The touch feels silky smooth on the skin. If you have tried cashmere before then you definitely need to push your comfort limits to another level by trying our pure vicuna garments. They are so light and cuddly fibers perfect for winters and autumns to keep you warm without being bulky. It creates a beautiful, elegant, luxurious look with comfortable fitting. The air pockets of the fibers allow you to stay warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. It’s an all-year-round clothing item.

Wool Shearing Process

The ritual of capturing a vicuna still dates back to ancient days. Locals dress in traditional attire and perform rituals with music and dances to mark the arrival of vicuna. Now, with modern shearing equipment, these animals are sheared. They are captured by the locals for shearing and again left in the wild unharmed to keep safe in their undisturbed peaceful habitats.

They are an important part of the lives of locals for rituals, customs, and religious ceremonies. It takes a lot of patience and group work to gather vicunas in the shearing area. The shearing process for each vicuna is carried out with the most possible calm posture and quickness. This helps the vicuna to not get any cuts during the shearing and minimizes the stress caused to the animal.
Our vicuna wool clothing is made up of 100% pure vicuna wool. Wild vicuna whose fur is considered the best fiber in the world is now a symbol of our commitment to maximum quality. This exclusive piece of natural fiber is a must-have in the closet not only because of the design and comfort but also for its quality.

The vicuna fur is measured at 12 microns, the single finest fur in the animal kingdom. It’s half the thickness of the finest sheep’s wool. This luxury wool is inclusive in many suiting communities around the world and celebrities have worn them as their outfit for popular award functions and shows.

We present exclusive designs in the vicuna collection inspired by the life in the Andes making you feel a truly original fashion experience. These are always on-trend and high fashion luxurious garments to must-have in your wardrobe. We use this finest, natural fiber to create superb products that feel good on the skin, and wearing it is itself a royal experience.


Natural fibers of these animals living in high altitudes have beneficial effects on muscles and blood regulation in our bodies. Using our vicuna clothes will help you relieve fatigue, keep the nervous system calm, and prevent from getting cold. Vicuna wool can improve immune function and the body’s resistance to colds and infectious diseases. Unlike other wool products which cause irritation on the skin, vicuna wool is completely anti-allergic and feels extremely gentle on the skin.

During winter seasons, we tend to get ourselves covered in bulky clothes just to prevent cold. The complete solution for this will be any of our vicunas' products which act as a perfect layering cloth during winter. They allow the body to breathe while regulating humidity and absorbing moisture.

Insulation is the best part of vicuna wool that does just more than preventing heat loss. There’s no better fabric than vicuna for all-around performance. It’s natural, healthy, and sustainably safe. These attributes of it make it advantageous to whoever wears it.

People have the conception of wool being only a winter-oriented clothing item but that doesn’t work for vicunas. You can see all the high-level officials of the states, presidents, and celebrities time and often using vicuna suits as their daily wear in summer as well as winter season. These aren’t just the best fabric for suits but also for many other formal and informal attire which has been selling in thousands of dollars at fashion stores around the world.


Insulating fiber

Compared to cotton, linen, and other synthetic fibers vicuna wool acts as the best insulating fiber especially when it’s wet. When you accidentally spill water on your normal synthetic fiber clothes, the heat gets sucked right out of you even if it’s warm outside. But with vicuna, the great comfort from vicuna comes from the ability of this fiber to wick moisture away, that is to absorb moisture from the body and move it throughout the fibers. It creates the perfect microenvironment for the body to maintain a balanced heart rate.

Soft and Durable

The natural feature of this fiber is resilience and resistance which makes it soft and durable. It has a natural way of being resistant towards dust mites and a self-cleaning mechanism. The scales running on the sheath of these fibers act as a venting system to let the moisture go through keeping dirt outside.

Vicuna wool clothing can go over 20,000 bends before it breaks which makes it almost 7 times more durable and long-lasting than any other fibers.

Environment Friendly

Most luxurious expensive fashion pieces in today’s date include animal cruelty products and the painful death of wild animals. Leather products and many other animal skin products are pricy and they do no good for humankind. That’s where we stand out amongst many other high-class fashion brands by bringing out trendy outfits that promote the use of natural fibers which have been extracted by causing no harm to the animals. Vicuna wools are the most beautiful natural, soft, insulating fibers that we supply using 100% guaranteed quality products.


The elastic property of the wool makes it hold the shape for a very long time and it tends to bounce back to its original shape after the wash. That’s why suits and many other outerwears are made out of wool to maintain a perfect silhouette of the overall outfit. A worn hard vicuna wool cloth can even be more astonishing than a newly bought synthetic cloth.

Unlike other synthetic options, vicuna wool reacts to changes in our body temperature. So, it’s all four seasons wearable. They can go for long wear without bringing an unpleasant odor. One vicuna wool cloth can last you a lifetime, so, it’s a one-time investment you really need to get your hands on. Another reason for having it would be for its rareness. Not every person in the world can opt for vicuna wool for its pricy structure but once you have this in your wardrobe, you definitely stand out amongst the rest and can flaunt if for a lifetime.

We encourage fashion lovers to get hands-on our products to taste its undeniable benefits and feel the luxury of our brand. We even provide customized designs and color patterns as per your choices.
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