What is Cashmere Fabric

What is Cashmere Fabric

Jan 01, 1970 05:30am | Cashmere Clothes

Cashmere is a pure fine fiber obtained from the fur of a variety of goats found in Mongolia, South China, Iran, and Tibet. Cashmere is magically soft in touch and is warmer than other woolen fabrics. In fact, perfectly prepared Cashmere is 40% warmer than normal woolen. In addition, Cashmere is lighter than wool and can last for a longer time, making them popular among the fabrics. The soft texture of Cashmere gives a premium feel to the product.
Kanchan Cashmere is the prominent manufacturer of ITALIAN CASHMERE KNITWEAR & ACCESSORIES in Nepal, which exports its Cashmere products worldwide. They deal in a wide range of clothing and accessories-all exclusive. The products vary from gloves, socks, scarves, handmade and knitted sweaters that match the prevailing fashion and trends. There is also an option to tailor and design the product as per customers' requirements.

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere has a close relation with Kashmir Shawl. Cashmere first appeared around the 13th century in Kashmir. Europeans started using the fabric in the 18th century. Indian and Iranian rulers were still using it for their ceremonies in the 19th century.
The process involves shearing the fur of Cashmere and Pashmina goats, especially from the underbelly or the neck region. The shearing method is performed in the winter season due to the quality of fur produced during this season. China, Mongolia, and Afghanistan are the largest exporters of Cashmere.

How is Cashmere fabric made?

Cashmere is one of the finest and premium fabrics. It is costlier than other fabrics but is warmer than all the others. It is a delicate process that requires separating the soft fur from the coarse hair in the goat.
Cashmere and Pashmina fabrics primarily come from the fur of goats rather than that of sheep. These animals are the primary raw material provider for the final product. However, people also use other breeds to produce different qualities of Cashmere at varying prices. We can find the breeds mainly in Mongolia, South Chine, Iran, and Tibet. These goats have a thin, fat layer to protect them against the frigid temperatures for which they develop light and soft fur underneath their coat, on the underbelly. The farmer collects the sheaths of hair either by combing or cutting the entire fur.
 The reason for combing the fur is to make them soft, silky, and ready for further processing to turn it into Cashmere. The coarse coat shorn from the goat's guard hair is used for making brushes. The soft fur resulting from combing is assembled and spun to create a fine yarn. The process of dying starts, followed by mixing different colors and knitting the fabrics into various designs.

Where can we find quality Cashmere clothing in Nepal?

A large population still considers Cashmere as one of the premium fabrics and treasures due to its unique ability to blend with prevailing fashion and trends. Considering that, Kanchan Cashmere prepares the best and most refined of the material from Nepal at the most affordable price. They offer items like Cashmere Cardigans, sweaters, Tops, Bathrobes, and many more.
One cannot overlook the elegance of getting on with Kanchan Cashmere's Mermaid Silhouettes Portrait back and many more from the collection. The dress just doesn't limit to being a casual outfit, but it can be used as a quick cocktail and as loungewear. Their Cashmere sweater is another subtle mix of comfort on the inside and trendy on the outside. It has earned its name among the girls who desire a light, comfortable fit that goes well with another layer. You can also explore the newest Mock-neck knit sweater or the trendy Single Jersey sweater.
There is a collection of Cardigans with aesthetic offerings at Kanchan Cashmere. You can choose the cardigans to go well with the ambiance, mood, or another layer that would shine over your other apparel set. It holds a statement for the best hoodie made from the purest and softest of the fabric. It can be your best companion at times when you don't want to wear any formal wear and just be you.
Upon setting a gaze at Kanchan Cashmere's Tops collection, one cannot resist the urge to try these pieces of silk. There are many variants of tops available, ranging from casual to extreme luxury, to meet your need of the moment. They also provide you with a better option to skip the classic look by adopting the best Jumpsuit. It is a comfortable fabric with a story of its own and goes with the outdoor environment, leaving you no room for complaint.
Cashmere holds its position for being the best of all fabrics. Cashmere has been used as a standard of quality, durability, and fashion for a very long time. Cashmere is a recyclable and durable fabric. A better option would be to seek recycled Cashmere for sustainability.
Kanchan Cashmere produces all its clothing items with fine craftsmanship and without harming any animal throughout the process. It only delivers the best of Cashmere from the goats in the Himalayas of Nepal. Further, it ensures that the fur produced is best in quality, limits the demand, and provides the best remuneration to the farmers.
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