Buy Cashmere Products online

Buy Cashmere Products online

Jan 01, 1970 05:30am | Cardigan

Cashmere fiber comes from the Himalayan Plateau of Kashmere from the high-altitude special breed goats. Cashmere wool is popularly famous for being used to make Cashmere Shawls all over the world. It’s a dream to have one pure cashmere shawl that makes you feel warm, comfortable and looks luxurious at the same time. This special fiber is rare to get into hands for everyone due to its pricing.

Although there’s a huge demand for this luxurious piece of clothing, we may find many fake pieces at cheaper prices. This brings disappointments to the buyers craving for an original, authentic fashion statement. The blended versions of pashmina shawls available at street markets or those sold by brands at way cheaper prices are not original Cashmere products for sure. That’s why customers picking over cheap products rather than investing in quality products get deceived most of the time.

 Kanchan Cashmere provides one of the most luxurious and comfy products of natural fiber, Cashmere that one can treasure. We make sets of regal attire made up of 100% pure Cashmere wool with a variety of designs. We provide you with pure cashmere products with a wide variety of designs, colors, patterns, and customization.

We manufacture Cashmere products from the best craftsmanship having years and years of dealing with weaving such delicate products. These highest-graded materials (Cashmere wool) combined with centuries-old craftsmanship bring out the finest result products with perfect silhouette and fitting.

We, being the leading manufacturers and direct dealers of our Cashmere products all over the world have all kinds of expertise in the field of cashmere. Our main aim is to supply and satisfy our customers all over the world with genuine cashmere products.

CASHMERE-Timeless Masterpieces

In the realm of ever-changing fashions and testaments, Cashmere never goes out of style. Cashmere clothing has been in practice for decades and its demand is still higher than other luxurious fabrics. One cashmere product can last for over three decades if handled with care. They can be the emblem of nobility, a regal luxury property when handed down to generations and generations.
The fine craftsmanship that goes into making one Cashmere product in Kanchan Cashmere is nowhere to be seen with any other manufacturers.

Effortless Style

Cashmere clothing is made from this exquisite fabric and reflects the epitome of beauty and opulence even with a simple design. 
The most popular and highly demanded Cashmere product would be a Cashmere Shawl. It’s a delicate cloth that is incredibly light and offers grace when combine with traditional wear by both men and women. It can be styled in multiple ways to create a stunning look.
We are not limited to cashmere shawls only like other makers. We aim to meet the desires and demands of customers having vivid tastes and interests in customization.

Cashmere is also termed Pashmina, which means soft gold. The meaning itself derives from the significance of this fiber. Cashmere is a natural fiber that gives the softest feel on the skin and is treasured as highly as gold. It’s the gold of fibers.

Cashmere has been around for a long time since its discovery and has made a permanent remark on closets from celebrities to royalties. Our products have traveled cross border to overseas around the world and have been cherished by the lovers of pure comfort seekers. Our craftsmanship continues to display the epitome of refinement in making this luxurious fabric world’s most beautiful, cherished fabric. They are the perfect definition for style statement pieces and classy looks. It takes years for one to learn this beautiful hand-weaving technique of making an elegant product piece of cashmere wool.

We invite you to have this festive season leave timeless prestige for your future generations by getting one of our cashmere products. Discover our collection of Cashmere products and add our mesmerizing pieces as prestige to your closet.

About Us 

With the idea of making this traditional as well as most luxurious garment available in the global marketplace at its supreme quality, Kanchan Cashmere has showcased brilliant craftsmanship, artistic skills, and undeniable creativity in cashmere products. Our products reflect years of perfection, a sense of accomplishment, and the pride of local artisans, craftsmen.
The uniqueness in each product brings authentic vibes of the Himalayas and exquisite apparel. We seek to deliver our genuine products worldwide.


The quality of Cashmere Shawl can be technically examined as well. The thickness of the wool is the main differentiation of its originality.
Cashmere wool is categorized into three grades:
A: Grade A being the highest quality, measures 14 microns width per hair.
 B: Grade B cashmere wool measures 18-19 microns width per hair.
 C: Grade C being lowest quality, measures 30 microns width per hair.
The finer the micron, the softer the fiber is.
Due to the extreme thinness and rareness of the wool, there are some burdens associated with its production and technicality-
  • The fiber is taken from Cashmere goats which are obtained about 4 to 6 ounces from the undercoat of each goat once a year. First of all, it’s a hectic job for new manufacturers to get into direct dealing with the farmers, locals of Himalayan regions. Cashmere goats are found only in China, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bhutan, and Nepal, but also, in the mountainous regions having extreme cold climates.
  • So, there’s only a limited supply of Cashmere wool throughout the world.
  • Common spindles do not spin the thin fibers of cashmere wool into yarns. So, special spindles are used for making yarns out of the fibers. This comes costly to make such custom spindles or advanced machinery. The most common method of making cashmere yarn is through hand-looming.
  • There are only a few weavers, artisans having the proper skill-set required for doing embroidery works and weaving cashmere wool.
Considering all the extreme factors required from the collection of wool to complete a cashmere product, it results in extraordinary pricing and high demand in the market for its exquisiteness.
Before buying any Cashmere clothing, there are a few things one has to consider to see if the product is actually authentic, genuine, and original.
Some excellent ways to differentiate between original and blended Cashmere products
  • Cashmere isn’t a shiny material like silk and velvet; it has more of a matte appearance. It can have little sheen but won’t be much like glazy.
  • Another important factor is the diameter of the product. The highest quality cashmere would of Grade A having 14 microns. So, you shouldn’t purchase any cashmere product having more than 19 microns diameter.
  • Cashmere is a natural fiber with soft and insulating features. Any cashmere product which isn’t as soft as butter or feels itchy on the skin isn’t pure cashmere at all.
  • If you are looking at a hand-woven cashmere shawl, scarf, the patterns shouldn’t be symmetrical or regular. There are certain irregularities in a hand-woven cashmere product that reflects its authenticity.
  • Cashmere products come with stitched labels rather than glued ones. This might another deciding factor.
  • One original cashmere product does not sell at a cheap price.
Our credibility is reflected in the standard of our products.

Intricate needlework goes into every piece and the weavers offer vivid designs, color patterns, geometric designs, center patterns, etc. across the body of the products as per customers’ demand. The fineness of work is reflected in our shawls, scarves, and perfect silhouette of our cardigans, pullovers, shirts, and so on.
Gifting cashmere clothing during festivals, family gatherings, or any other occasion is commonly practiced in many parts of the world as it symbolizes, love, respect, and honor.

They are as smooth as a glider and feel soft with their thermodynamic properties. It takes no time for Cashmere clothing to warm up your body in winter. They insulate on instant wear. They also have an amazing breathable feature in the fibers that allows you to stay warm without being sweaty. No other fabrics can do that. They are used to make shirts and pants to be worn in summer as well for the breathable pores.
They are versatile in all climates. Since one cashmere shawl can last over 3 decades; they are strong and durable as well if properly taken care of.
It is a natural fiber which means it is biodegradable and causes no harm to the sustainable environment, ultimately eco-friendly.
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