Cashmere History

Cashmere History

Jan 01, 1970 05:30am | Cashmere

Cashmere is considered as the luxury and comfort product in the fabric world. This splendid fabric has an interestingly labeled and rich history. As we look back, cashmere was known by the symbol of royal and wealth. Along with humble origin, the fabric also attracts the rich and important. Most of the world’s top designer’s first choice is fabric, and by now it is accessible to the general public. At Kanchan Cashmere, we have an immense collection of Cashmere products that are sure to decorate and delight you. As a quality cashmere supplier and manufacturer, we stand as a luxury medium to support the clothing and accessories as per your choice including the handmade and knitted items.
Let's enroll into further cashmere’s origins and sources.

Cashmere Origin

To be precise, Cashmere is the finest fabric extracted from the hair of goats found in Mongolia, China, Tibet and other western countries like South America. Since the typical goats are mostly found in the high altitude region, their furs perfectly suit to obtain the Cashmere. The name of this fabric ‘Cashmere’ is adopted through the region of Kashmir as it is believed that the technique of extracting goat fur for the purpose of clothing was originally practiced in this region. Cashmere manufacturing has expanded since and we can see many more countries to produce Cashmere now. However, if you locate the most authentic region of Cashmere’s practices, Tibet and Ladakh are the one.

Cashmere Revolution

Looking back from history to now, Cashmere has survived the dynamic trends and changes of clothing. The silkiest fabric has been a fabric of choice for prosperity and richness over the centuries now. We can pinpoint the history of Cashmere from the 13th centuries, as Mongolian people were seen with domesticated wild goats when Marco Polo arrived in the region for exploration conquest.

However, it took quite more centuries for the Cashmere to arrive in western region. It is considered that Cashmere’s trading held during the late 17th centuries when the people of Kashmir and Turkestan started exporting Cashmere Shawl to western region. It was France and Great Britain where these luxurious and silkiest products got popularized. It is also said that Queen Elizabeth including Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife Empress Josephine had quite a taste in Cashmere Shawl.

By the 19th century, reputed merchants paved the trading path to wealthy regions including thriving European market. And the Cashmere had become the symbol of luxurious mainstream, people of higher social status were seen with the Cashmere Shawl. Gradually, Cashmere fabric was progressed/diversified into sweaters and jumpers. Until now, Cashmere hasn’t lost its hype and it is readily accessible to general people. The only difference is that Cashmere products are diversified and it is no longer for only rich and reputed to afford it.

Kanchan Cashmere Role In Luxurious

When it comes to buying exclusive Cashmere items, you’ve got to think of Kanchan Cashmere. Kanchan Cashmere Pvt Ltd is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Italian Cashmere & Accessories in Nepal. Since 2012, It has been supplying the finest quality Cashmere throughout the world market. As the finest Cashmere supplier and manufacturer, we make sure our luxurious handmade and knitted products makes you feel nourishing. The time we spend to customize our products are always concerned to cope the client’s demands and fashion trends.

Cashmere items holds the property of maintaining your body temperature with extraordinary warmth and softness, making this fabric a preferred choice among people. This exceptional fabric has a fine texture with softness, its insulation ability is thrice more than the wool. Thus, you are to feel 40% warmer than the common wool which makes Cashmere even more unique compared to other common fabrics. So as to talk about Kanchan Cashmere team, we serve you the 100% Cashmere products for men and women relying on your choice. Our humble technicians provide you the very best customized items with different colors as per your style, taste, and preference.

Why Our Cashmere?

Kanchan Cashmere do not compromise with the quality we serve. Ensuring the quality, our team runs a quality check after we finish the best products. Likewise, our 100% Cashmere item is for both men and women which is with different colors, sizes, and grading as per your tailoring preference. In regards to shipments, we ensure safety, time utility, and hospitality. The items we ship are checked thoroughly and to maintain its quality they are kept in their suitable temperature.

We have a personal bond to our manufacturers and trust us that when they are compensated fairly for their effort, we are expanding the contribution to the communities for social and environmental standards.
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