Cashmere Fabrics in Nepal

Published Date: 2018-02-05

Cashmere, customarily known as cashmere wool introduces luxury and opulence fibers that are procured from the cashmere goats and other types of goat as well. The word Cashmere is derived from the old spelling, Kashmir, the geographical region that lies in India and Pakistan. The wool is finer, softer, lighter and stronger than the sheep wool. The Cashmere fabric is one of the supreme products of the Cashmere. It gives you a luxurious feeling with the best characteristics of cashmere wool i.e. it makes you warm in winter and cool in winter. We, the Kanchan Cashmere are the top-ranking company for the Cashmere Fabrics in Nepal. We don’t compromise on the quality of the products and cares about the customer’s satisfaction.
Substantially, fabrics refer to the clothes that are produced by weaving or knitting the textile fibers. The specialty hair fibers refer to the Cashmere animal-hair that forms a downy undercoat of the Kashmir goat and that belongs to the group of textile fibers. China produces about 70% whereas Mongolia produces 15-20% of the world’s cashmere. Iran and Afghanistan combined produce 10-15% of the world’s cashmere. Nepal has also been exporting cashmere products around the world. The Tibetan Cashmere products and the traditional Nepali cashmere products are the famous Nepali cashmere commodities that are exported all around the world. We have got a lot of Cashmere fabrics and the textile items. The wool of cashmere goats has been made into the different textiles since 1000 BC. Nowadays, cashmere is basically produced in China and then Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Iran. The other western countries also produce the Cashmere products. The wool is annually produced in the spring season along with the natural shedding. The coat of the goat is combed by removing the softest fibers of the undercoat. This makes the goats feel warm in -30° temperature. The underside of the neck consists of the most deluxe fibers which are finest and longest. Cashmere is known for the superlative softness, warmth and radiant quality. This is the result of the fine fibers.
Cashmere fabrics are the supreme products that determine the luxury feeling of the people. Although it is expensive, it has the best quality than the other woolen products. It is hygroscopic in nature. The products can be renewed and sustained. The products are longtime durable and biodegradable. This protects the body against the harmful rays of the sun. This can be washed in the washing machine and wool-wash setting. It is fluffy but gets softer when used. Cashmere makes us feel implausible soft, silky and smooth. We are the best sellers of the Cashmere fabrics in Kathmandu. Contact us for the best quality of Cashmere fabrics.


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Quality checks are made on all our production cycles with the help of our technicians and state of the art instruments.



Kanchan Cashmere is the leading Cashmere manufacturer in Nepal which supplies highest quality Cashmere products throughout the world. As a luxury Cashmere manufacturer and supplier, we deal in exclusive clothing and accessories including handmade and knitted sweaters, scarves, mitten, ponchos, gloves, socks and other items that cope up with the latest fashion trends. The unique properties of exceptional softness and warmth make this luxury fabric a preferred choice among people. Cashmere items are 40% warmer than normal wool and these items are the best to keep your body warm during cold winter.
Being the manufacturer of fine Cashmere products, we provide wide range of 100% Cashmere clothes for men and women in different colours and designs to provide our clients with more choice. We never compromise with quality which is why our technicians make quality checks on all our production cycles to ensure that our clients get the best finished product. All of our Cashmere products are customizable and the size, colour and grading of these items can be tailored to your requirement.

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