Women's 100% Cashmere Sweaters

Women's 100% Cashmere Sweaters

Jan 01, 1970 05:30am | Cashmere

In the domain of textures, cashmere is known for its lavishness and solace. This wonderful fabric is very much named and has an entrancing origin story. Cashmere was previously connected with sovereignty and wealth, as may be obvious. The fabric draws the affluent and strong notwithstanding its unobtrusive starting points. The texture is the best option for most of the world's driving architects, and it is presently broadly accessible. We have a huge determination of Cashmere merchandise at Kanchan Cashmere that make certain to please and enhance you.

We stand as an extravagance medium to help clothing and extras fitting your personal preference, including hand-tailored and sewed merchandise, as a top-notch cashmere provider and maker. In Nepal, Kanchan Cashmere Pvt Ltd is a notable Italian cashmere and extra maker and exporter. Starting around 2012, our firm has been giving the best quality Cashmere to the worldwide market. As the top Cashmere provider and maker, we guarantee that our dazzling hand-tailored and sewed products feed you. We invest a ton of energy customizing our things to fulfill the requests of our purchasers and to stay aware of the current style.

Woman’s 100% Cashmere Sweaters

A nice cashmere sweater is a must-have accessory for every ensemble. It may be dressed in a variety of ways to generate different appearances for different occasions and is durable and versatile. Dress your cashmere sweater according to your mood, and try combining your old favorites to create fresh styles.
Thus, a well-fitting, functional sweater is a vital complement to any collection. It's the ideal layer for changing seasons, a crucial item for the winter, and the best defense against the chill of overzealous air conditioning in the summer. We provide a number of explicit sweaters for women in order to satisfy consumer demand and stay up with the varying fashion trends and styles. In addition to sweaters, Kanchan Cashmere Pvt Ltd focuses on handcrafted items of A-rated quality made of cashmere, including shawls, ponchos, jumpers, suits, and a variety of other clothing. We have a wide selection of high-quality Cashmere sweaters available in sizes XS to 4XL with a variety of fits and colors. We can ship you a variety of Cashmere sweater designs from Kanchan Cashmere the same day if they are in stock.

Our sweaters are made to fit perfectly wash after wash, wear after wear, season after season, and with everything from a pencil skirt to jeans. Our cashmere is created to be a delicious yet useful everyday indulgence. Our cashmere sweaters are made from fine yarn that feels substantial, lofty, and soft to the touch. It is lightweight and warm. The Karenia, a loose cashmere sweater with a high-low hem, is one of our most adored sweater designs. We have v-neck and turtleneck variations in addition to the classic crewneck design. We have lightweight cashmere in crewneck, v-neck, turtleneck, and tee styles for layering as well as for warmer-weather attire.

Cashmere Maintenance and Storage at Home

Although most people have their cashmere clothing professionally cleaned, you can easily wash it at home with a little extra care. It is typically preferable to hand wash cashmere because it is such a soft and fragile fabric. The BLANC stain bar is perfect for pre-treating stains; dampen the bar and the cloth, then gently treat the stain. Here are some tips you can follow to maintain and store cashmere clothes:
  • To prevent cashmere clothing from losing its shape, never hang it in your closet. Instead, fold it.
  • Place inside a dust bag or sealable clothing container while not in use for a lengthy period of time to keep moths away; stuff with lavender or moth balls.
  • Remove any pilling with a cashmere comb or shaving machine to restore the garment to fresh condition; pilling should never be removed from wet or damp fabric.
  • Avoid coming into touch with Nylon, which can harm the fibers, such as while wearing seatbelts or inside jackets.

Tips to Follow For Drying and Ironing Cashmere Sweater

It may take several days for cashmere, particularly heavier knits and outerwear like jumpers, sweaters, and jackets, to dry. It's crucial not to hang cashmere items because doing so could lead to their degradation and loss of their distinctive form. Here are some tips to follow to dry and iron your favorite cashmere sweater:
  1. Avoid wringing the clothing; instead, gently press the excess water out with a towel.
  2. When the clothing is damp, spread it out on a flat surface and stretch it to its original shape.
  3. When the clothing is damp, spread it out on a flat surface and stretch it to its original shape.
  4. Never dry cashmere clothing by hanging it; it will stretch and lose its shape.
  5. Avoid sunshine and let it dry at room temperature over an airer.
  6. Never iron directly on the fabric; instead, use a pressing cloth as a separator and iron at a low temperature.

How to Differentiate Qualitative Cashmere?

First and foremost, always read the label. What many businesses mistakenly refer to as "cashmere" is really a subpar combination of cashmere and wool. This can be far less expensive, but it will feel and have a lot worse quality, and it will pill more easily.
A 100% cashmere label may also be theoretically correct, although it is frequently quite deceptive. Cashmere is not created equally. A high-quality cashmere jumper is an investment that will last for a very long time. Spending less money on inexpensive solutions results in a less sturdy product that will disintegrate after a few washes. A substantially greater cost per wear results from inferior manufacturing and inferior materials.

Before the first few washes, it might be difficult for an untrained eye to distinguish between high- and low-quality cashmere. Here, we examine what to look for to ensure that you are purchasing the best cashmere:
Fibre length: From a technical perspective, the thickness and length of a fiber determine its quality. The jumper will be more resilient and long-lasting as well as less likely to pill the longer they are. The lengths of cashmere fibers range from 28 to 42mm. Usually located on the neck and underbelly, longer fibers are substantially more pricey.
Fibre thickness: The softer the yarn will be, the lower the thickness. The diameter of a fiber, which has a significant impact on softness, can range from 15 to 19 microns.
Ply Quantity: Look for two-ply cashmere clothing, which is made of two yarn threads that are twisted together to create a more durable weave. Cashmere with only one ply will be less resilient and may rip more readily. Additionally, a two-ply sweater will be softer and warmer since it will be knit more tightly. If a brand doesn't specify how many plies were used in the item, you can check to see how tight the knitting is to get a sense of it.
Fibres Origin: There are various types of cashmere goats, hence the origin of the fibers varies. Some people reside in regions with greater temperature variation, therefore their fibers are finer and more expensive. Due to its severe winters and superior goat nutrition, Inner Mongolia is typically regarded as the best origin.
Fiber Color: Before dyeing, fibers are available in three natural colors: white, brown, and beige. As one might anticipate, whiter cashmere fibers require less dye to produce specific colors, minimizing the detrimental effects that coloring has on its inherent softness. High-end yarn producers use a considerably higher percentage of white fibers overall, not just for the lighter hues of color.
Fibre Type: Fiber type: There are two types of fibers: virgin and recycled. While the latter are manufactured from waste or old fabrics that have either already been used by customers or from unsold things, the former are newly transformed into yarns. Recycled fibers are significantly less soft, durable, and comfortable. Usually, recycled fibers are used in large quantities or altogether to make the extremely inexpensive jumpers sold by mass retailers.
Knit Recognition: Even if the cashmere yarn is of exceptional quality, improper knitting will have a negative impact on the final product's appearance and feel. A tighter knit will indicate superior knitting. See whether you can simply get the jumper back into shape by stretching a little portion of it. The safety of products created in China versus those knit in Italy or Scotland varies depending on the specific company, so only choose names you are confident in.

Reason Why Cashmere is Different than Other

Even the cloth itself is three times warmer and lighter than sheep's wool. Due to the amino acids and moisture content, it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You will be able to breathe even with its luxurious weave wrapped around your torso. Because of this, it's ideal for transitional clothing or inclement weather. Cashmere is available in a countless number of styles because it is completely natural, simple to dye, and the yarn itself can be spun in a variety of ways. Additionally, it has a beautiful droop, which flatters the figure. As a result, compared to other textiles, cashmere sweaters won't require as much care. Make sensible decisions; Cashmere can last for decades with proper care. Be wise in your choice.

What Size to Choose?

If you've never purchased a cashmere sweater before, you may be unsure of what size to choose. To assist you, some suppliers offer sizing charts. For those without sizing guides, a size 0 sweater typically fits a 32-inch bust, a size 2 fits a 33-inch bust, and a size 4 fits a 34-inch bust. With the exception of size 14, which has a 45-inch bust, each subsequent sweater size increase equates to a 2-inch bust increase.

Kanchan Cashmere’s Role

With regards to quality, Kanchan Cashmere doesn't hold back. Our group does a quality really take a look at subsequent to completing the best sweaters to guarantee the best quality. Essentially, our unadulterated Cashmere sweaters arrives in a scope of varieties, sizes, and gradings to meet your fitting necessities. Shipments are destined to be protected, effective, and wonderful. To guarantee the nature of the things we convey, they are appropriately analyzed and kept up with at the right temperature.

Among the recommendations are a cheap cashmere sweater that yet feels opulent, cashmere with a wacky personality, a stylish extravagance, a rough cashmere item you can wear anywhere, and sweaters that are great for layering. Our best designs come from direct-order labels, less well-known luxury cashmere producers, and even an outdoor clothing manufacturer. With great attention to detail, Kanchan Cashmere's high-quality construction lasts seasons. It also features a stylish and comfortable fit and the silky-soft touch that only our team can deliver.
It is pointless to spend money on a sweater that will deteriorate in quality and shape after a few uses. On the other hand, cashmere sweaters can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Since more than ten years ago, Kanchan Cashmere has produced and shipped natural and pure guaranteed Cashmere sweaters all over the nation and the world. Our entire team is committed to the design process and works hard to deliver the best results. Don't pass up the opportunity to update your wardrobe with our Cashmere items.
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