Organic Cashmere Eco-Friendly Fashion Choice

Organic Cashmere Eco-Friendly Fashion Choice

Jan 01, 1970 05:30am | Cashmere Clothes

Similar to other kinds like Merino, Alpaca, and Angora, cashmere is a popular animal-based fiber classified as wool. How organic is it, though? And is it both eco-friendly and sustainable?
Let’s know more about organic Cashmere via Kanchan Cashmere.

The Ecological Cashmere Fabric and Its Sustainability

One of the world's softest materials is cashmere. It keeps one warm and cozy during chilly winters and gloomy autumns despite its light weight. If properly maintained, cashmere of high quality can last for many years and has a lovely hand.

The best ecological and renewable fiber that can shield its user from the surrounding necessities is cashmere wool. Woolen fibers, whether knit or woven, produce durable clothing. These clothing's fibers won't peel and will keep their shape for many years, possibly for generations.
Because not all goats produce cashmere, pashmina cashmere wool is a special and expensive fiber. The majority of the more than 3000 tons of cashmere produced annually come from Mongolia, with the remainder coming from Australia, New Zealand, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Customers are increasingly supporting the back-story principle in the current environment. They are keen on learning the historical backdrop of the items they purchase. They are confident that they are purchasing an organic product if the companies are open about their ideals and manufacturing practices. They want cashmere clothing that complements their sense of taste, their financial situation, and their morals.
Customers all over the world, including those in Nepal, are purchasing more cashmere clothing, but they are also becoming more critical of the manufacturing process. Cashmere imports into Nepal have dramatically expanded in recent years. Natural goat fibers that are hypoallergenic are used to create sustainable
cashmere fabrics. They don't wrinkle, are sustainable, and are kind to animals. They are durable, exhibit little to no pilling, and becoming softer over time. The purity of the yarn and the tightness of the weave determine the finest quality of cashmere garments. Longer strands make the fabric feel tighter and flatter. With each wash, the strands get fuller and softer, improving the fabric's quality.
The luxurious fibers from pashmina goats have inspired many architects and are popular with buyers who enjoy extravagance. Customers who want to claim opulent clothing lines and also be eco-chic search for cashmere textures that are practical given the openness of natural life.

Reasons to Choose Organic Cashmere

As more people become aware of the critical need to protect and conserve nature, the fashion industry is shifting toward eco-friendly and sustainable operations. This is a major area of focus for the environmentally aware Kanchan Cashmere, a leading manufacturer and exporter of ITALIAN CASHMERE KNITWEAR & ACCESSORIES in Nepal that offers the highest-quality cashmere products all over the world. The cashmere fibers used by the business, which is based in Mongolia, come from a variety of goat breeds that roam the country's wide terrain. This guarantees Kanchan Cashmere obtains the best fiber for its cashmere goods as well as a greater selection of unique natural hues.
Pure, undyed, and unbleached fibers are what are meant by "organic cashmere." There are numerous varieties of cashmere, but not all of them are eco-friendly or organic.
Water is a crucial component in the creation of clothing, although it is not listed on labels. Surprisingly, dyed cashmere shirts require somewhat more than 105 liters of water, but organically colored cashmere shirts only need 30 liters. However, when compared to other garment materials like cotton, cashmere—both undyed and dyed—is the most environmentally friendly choice. One cotton T-shirt requires a whopping 2400 gallons to manufacture. You could create 85 organic cashmere shirts with the same quantity of water needed to create one cotton T-shirt.
It's not that difficult to comprehend why so much water is required to produce shirts, but you might be wondering. Cashmere manufacture begins with the washing procedure, which uses roughly 21 liters of water once all the fibers have been collected in an animal-friendly manner. Following sorting, there is a water consumption of about 21 milliliters, and the last washing step before knitting uses 12 liters of water. In total, 33 liters of water were used to create one untreated cashmere shirt. The amount of water required to dye and wash the fibers, however, increases when dying is involved.
Cashmere must be dyed with three times as much water, which is why you should go for organic cashmere instead. These pure, natural fibers are definitely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Undyed, Organic and Eco-friendly Cashmere Colors

Our undyed cashmere is made entirely of pure cashmere and is available in cream, beige, and brown fibers. When untreated, pure cashmere retains the natural color of cashmere goats and is at its softest.
Since less chemicals and less water are used during production, undyed cashmere is the most environmentally friendly option for cashmere lovers and connoisseurs. Undyed cashmere is only produced using the four basic processes of washing, blending, combing, and spinning. As a result, the natural qualities of pure cashmere are preserved, including its unadulterated color, soft texture, and breathability. Undyed yarns are exceptionally soft and highlight the natural beauty of pure cashmere. Cashmere clothing can maintain its original strength and shape even better when dye is not used in the manufacturing process. Chemical- and dye-free cashmere fibers are better at retaining heat and will eventually have more antibacterial resistance. This indicates that the cashmere is superior at warding off scents in addition to being softer and more durable.
Kanchan Cashmere items are particularly strong, warm, and comfortable to wear because they are undyed. These normal and natural tones are acquired by carefully hand isolating the shade of cashmere goat strands, and they are accessible in two shades: undyed regular and undyed white. Since the beige and brown colors of our cashmere goats vary, their fibers are meticulously matched and sorted before being spun into the yarn that is used to make each cashmere item of clothing. Due to the natural diversity of cashmere wool, any minor color changes visible in our undyed cashmere are typical and reflect the history of each piece.

Cashmere Fabric Impact in the Environment

In general, cashmere wool has neutral environmental effects. Although cashmere has a mixed environmental impact, some parts are favorable:

Positive Impact of on the Environment:

The ecology benefits from more use of natural fibers. Since most synthetic fibers are not biodegradable, they persist in the environment for a very long time. Another ecological risk associated with these fibers is that they are frequently poisonous. Whether the fibers used to make synthetic textiles are poisonous or not, creating them always generates hazardous waste.
We lessen our dependency on fossil fuels and conserve the environment by using fibers like cashmere wool more often than nylon, polyester, or other substitutes. Wool production is extremely environmentally friendly because it doesn't require pesticides or fertilizers, unlike cotton and other plant-based textile crops.

Negative Impact on the Environment:

Concerns exist with how cashmere goats are treated, as they are with most animal products. For instance, Kanchan Cashmere believes that the production of cashmere wool is comparable to genocide, whereas other voices adopt a more balanced attitude. Although there are a lot of unethical manufacturers in the cashmere wool sector, there are also a lot of good ones. What matters is who you collaborate with.
Other than that, cashmere wool has no harmful effects on the environment. Instead, it offers a crucial economic lifeline to a region that lacks any other significant global exports.

Some Timeless Fashionable Pieces of Eco-friendly Cashmere

Our relationships with our manufacturers are personal, and they can count on us to increase our support of social and environmental standards in the communities when they are adequately compensated for their work. Here is some list of eco-friendly cashmere styles that Kanchan Cashmere manufactures and produces:

Wrap Cashmere

The cashmere wrap is a great addition to your wardrobe because of its flexible lines and appealing neckline. The wrap looks great with skinny jeans and an ankle boot when worn to your next friend's dinner party. Put your favorite accessories on to add a personal touch, or wear a chic vest over top for an extra layer of warmth. You may mix this cashmere sweater with dress slacks or a pencil skirt to dress up the organic cashmere wrap for events like a day at the office. This sweater will not only keep you warm while you travel from conference to meeting, but its fashionable style will also boost your self-assurance the entire day.

Turtleneck Cashmere

Our turtleneck is ideal for the Christmas season because of its elegant, close-fitting appearance and feel. This cashmere sweater will not only fit any body type, but its plush material will also keep you comfortable all day. Thanksgiving with your loved ones or the office holiday party will go perfectly with this cashmere turtleneck. For a festive appearance, team a red cashmere turtleneck with black trousers and tall boots. If you enjoy wearing neutrals, choose an ivory cashmere turtleneck that you can wear with a pair of dress slacks or a pair of casual jeans. Whatever the occasion, wearing a turtleneck may keep you warm and stylish while getting dressed.

Classic Cashmere Cardigan

Are you looking for a sweater that makes layering fashionable and cozy? Then the cashmere classic cardigan is right for you because it offers a feminine shape to the waist and is simple to layer. Layering in style has never been easier thanks to the soft fabric, which only grows softer with use. Since this cashmere cardigan provides the utmost warmth, you can wear it over your favorite tank tops underneath to complete any look, even when the temperature outside is below zero. This cashmere cardigan can also serve as a go-to layer for a winter wedding or holiday celebration where you must wear a dress. You don't have to limit yourself to wearing a long-sleeved dress because the sweater has long sleeves because you know it will keep you warm in the chilly air.

Lovely Textured Cashmere Cardigan

With its open design and luxurious cables, the cashmere cardigan is ideal in every aspect. Your favorite sweater to throw on as you leave the house on a chilly fall morning or as an extra layer while having coffee with friends will be this cashmere cardigan. The casual look is versatile and can be worn for any event by just pairing it with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Additionally, the pockets on this cardigan provide extra storage for your phone or grocery list while you run errands all morning.

The Tee

The cashmere tee is the perfect winter wardrobe staple if you're searching for something straightforward and cozy. This cashmere t-shirt comes in a variety of hues, which will make getting ready in the morning simple. Put on a blazer over it and a pencil skirt if you have a busy day of meetings planned. If your day consists of family gatherings over the weekend, wear this cashmere top with jeans and a winter coat on top for added warmth. It gives a flattering and fashionable fit because to its full-fashioned knitting, giving you the assurance to get through the day without second-guessing your choice of clothing.


Cashmere is not just about luxury and style; it also refers to organic, environmentally friendly, and comfy apparel that every man and woman should try. You might think about exchanging your jacket with a classy cashmere sweater with a V-neck or crew neck since they are ideal for workplace wear. They are classic pieces of clothing that never go out of style. Additionally, because they are so adaptable, you can wear them with everything, from formal pants, skirts, or dresses to casual jeans.

Buy Organic and eco-friendly Cashmere Items from Kanchan Cashmere

We design ranges of classic products from Kanchan Cashmere with inspiration from the natural world. Through the use of natural textiles and regionally specific, age-old methods, we promote slow fashion. We are thrilled to introduce to you our newest line of stylish yet cozy staples, including cardigans, cashmere sweaters and jackets. If you have any questions regarding who we are or the sustainable techniques we employ, please get in contact with us.
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