How do you take care of Italian Cashmere?

How do you take care of Italian Cashmere?

Jan 01, 1970 05:30am | Cashmere

Italian cashmere is lightweight and fairly sensitive, it isn't frequently utilized for heavy clothing or outdoor usage. While light cashmere knitwear, Italian cashmere accessories frequently made from this material.

Italian Cashmere clothing is timeless and adaptable, providing several advantages from warmth to durability. Since cashmere is frequently thought of as a luxury fabric, it might be more expensive than other materials.

Many people are unaware that there are natural fibers that have been used for centuries, like cashmere, that offer unique performance capabilities, despite the abundance of new advances in performance fabrics.

Loving your new sweater but aren't sure how to take care of it? It's easier than you might imagine. The main thing to watch out for are those bothersome moths. They are good for a few wears before needing to be washed. Additionally, avoid letting it shine through the dry cleaner's door. It should be washed rather than cleaned; otherwise, it will return from the cleaner’s rigid as cardboard. Put it in a delicate bag and use the gentlest cycle on your washing machine, or, as we prefer, hand wash it in the tub.

Put it in cool water, gently agitate it with your fingers (make sure there isn't too much detergent), and then pat out the excess water with a towel. Finally, lay it flat to ensure good drying. If you hang your sweaters, gravity will twist them out of shape and give them those awful shoulder dimples.

Not like ordinary fabric, Italian cashmere needs to be handled with care. Key points to consider while taking care of Italian Cashmere are:


It is recommended to dry clean or hand wash Italian cashmere in cold water. Use only a small amount of gentle detergent. When the fibers are damp, they become brittle, and washing machines can overstress the clothes, causing them to stretch out of shape or lose their shape.



Over time, Italian cashmere softens. To hasten this process, chemical softeners should not be used because they harm cashmere and shorten its life.


Let air dry to best preserve its fibers.


If you wear cashmere all day without spilling anything or getting it dirty, you may hang it up and wear it again. It won't require additional washing and will stay fresh for a different outfit.

There are specialized shampoos you can buy that can also ward against moths if you really want to get the most out of laundry this wonderful fabric. To prevent a fold line down the middle, store your cashmere sweater by folding it in thirds inward.

If you love something you care for it. Likewise, Italian cashmere is something worth of your love. Therefore, Italian cashmere should be handled with care. As mentioned above you just need to put little extra effort for Italian cashmere. In return Italian cashmere will give you love of warmth and the life span of your favorite sweater, knitwear and accessories will also increase.  

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