Understanding Italian cashmere

Understanding Italian cashmere

Jan 01, 1970 05:30am | Cashmere

Cashmere is made from the hair of the cashmere goat, which produces a soft and warm fabric
that's both lightweight and durable. The finest cashmere comes from Italy, where it's been woven

into hats and scarves for centuries. It's also known as pashmina or poloarmani in Italy because of
its presence on the polo field.
Italian cashmere is a luxurious fiber made from the hair of the cashmere goat. It is also known as
pashmina, which comes from the Persian word for wool.
Italian cashmere has been used since ancient times to make clothing and shawls for royalty,
nobility and wealthy merchants throughout Europe. The fabric's strong lustrous sheen makes it
ideal for high-end garments that require attention to detail—it can be dyed any color or pattern
you desire!

Cool Fact About Italian Cashmere
The Italian Cashmere Goat is native to Central Asia and Pakistan, where it was domesticated
thousands of years ago. The most expensive cashmere comes from Mongolia, China, Iran and
The finest cashmere comes from Italy.
Italian cashmere is the finest in the world. It's soft, luxurious and durable. Italian cashmere is
also more comfortable than any other kind of wool or mohair because it's made from hair grown
by goats that live on alpine meadows. This gives it an extra soft texture that makes it perfect for
sweaters, scarves and hats. You'll find these products at many high-end stores and boutiques
throughout Europe as well as here in America where you can find them at Nordstroms
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Characteristics of Italian Cashmere

Italian cashmere is a luxurious fiber that is soft and warm. It has been used in Italy since the
early 1900s, when it was first discovered by Italian herders on the slopes of Mount Etna. This
mountain area is where they found a goat species with long hair that produced a fine fiber known
as "cashmere."
The fibers are produced by combing out the hairs from underneath each animal's belly—which
makes them extra soft and smooth! Cashmere can be worn year-round because its
temperature-regulating properties help you stay comfortable in all kinds of weather conditions.
Fine and soft - Cashmere fibers are smaller than other types of wool, making them softer,
stronger and lighter weight. Cashmere is finer than other types of wool, making it softer, stronger
and lighter weight. It also has a high heat-retention rate that means that cashmere fibers can be
woven into thinner yarns than other types of wool.
Lightweight - Cashmere provides eight times as much warmth as sheep's wool but is only a third
of the weight.Cashmere is lighter than wool, softer and more durable than sheep's wool. It has
been used since ancient times as a fabric for the upper body. It is particularly suitable for cold
weather because it contains very little water, which makes it easier to dry after washing.
Cashmere also absorbs moisture from the air faster than other fabrics of wool or cotton, keeping
you warmer on cold days.
Breathable - Unlike many other fabrics, cashmere can be comfortably worn in both cool and
warm weather because it wicks sweat away from the body.
Strengthened fibres - The fine nature of cashmere means that it has a greater strength-to-weight
ratio than other animal hair fibers, making it an ideal material for use in garments such as socks
or sweaters.
Softness - Cashmere is softer than wool but heavier than polyester. This gives you two benefits:
firstly, you'll feel comfortable wearing your new clothes; secondly (and perhaps most
importantly) they won't shrink or fade over time!

The best cashmere comes from Italy, although Chinese and Turkish cashmere can also be quite
high quality. Cashmere is a luxurious fiber that's been used for centuries in many cultures around
the world to create warm clothes that help keep us dry and cozy.
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