Women's Cashmere Clothing

Women's Cashmere Clothing

Jan 01, 1970 05:30am | Cashmere Clothes

Cashmere, a fibre unique in being soft and delicate despite being stronger than other fibres, is also three times warmer than sheep's wool! In addition to being warm, stylish, light-weight, and extremely durable, a quality-made Cashmere scarf or a cape or cardigan, (or any fashion item made out of Cashmere, you name it!) is a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Being the versatile and unique material it is, it's no surprise that Cashmere has found its way into women's capes, cardigans, jumpers, trousers, kilts, scarves, skirts, tops, beanies, sweaters, and even socks!

Manufactured using the finest equipment for comfort and durability, Kanchan Cashmere flaunts the collection of affordable, yet the best-quality genuine women's Cashmere Clothing from Nepal delivered straight to you in the comfort of your homes.
Let's take a look at the trendiest women's high-fashion Cashmere to wear perfect for every occasion. 

Cashmere Sweaters

Each sweater at Kanchan Cashmere is knitted with the finest quality Cashmere wool and made skilfully for the perfect fit. Cozy inside, and trendy on the outside, you can never get wrong with one of the gorgeous Sweaters from Kanchan Cashmere. Popular among girls as being extremely soft and lightweight, quite unsurprisingly, it has come in vogue.

Our suggestion? Get the refined Mock-neck waffle knit Sweater or the stylish V-neck Single Jersey sweater to add to your wardrobe.

Cashmere Cardigans

If you're looking for wear that can be styled and matched with any aesthetic, a cardigan is an ultimate comfort that can, without any fail, vamp up your wardrobe as it matches any dress perfectly. It's like a soft big blanket you can pop your arms into, and feel hugged. You can go for a slightly larger, fuzzy - comfy one with Baggy Vintage vibes or if you're feeling a bit adventurous, a casual body-hugging one to use as a top.
These cardigans are a perfect addition to outfits for any occasion.

Cashmere Hoodie

Set apart from the typical garment hoodie by the purest Cashmere from Nepal, a Cashmere hoodie casually boasts an unmatched comfort of wear. Cashmere hoodies are practical, light, and especially great if you're not in the mood for dressing up in sophisticated apparel.
At Kanchan Cashmere, you can shop for the best Women's Cashmere Hoodies from Nepal.

Cashmere Dresses

Tired of looking up a horde of puffy fit and flare dresses in busy shops, just to find bland ones?
If you're one to venture into the lands of elegance and lively apparel, Kanchan Cashmere showcases a beautiful collection of gorgeous dresses in a wide variety including Sheer overlay, Mermaid silouettes, Portrait back, and a lot more (check out the Store to know more). In addition to the bold fashion-savvy statement a classic dress makes, a 'Cashmere' dress is much gorgeous and overall comfier to wear while still giving you that flattering classy look. A cashmere dress is more than a trendy item, it's timeless apparel to own, and one you'll be very proud to gift or flaunt to your friends.
In addition to daily casual wear, you can also use the elegant Cashmere dresses as a quick Cocktail dress to wear to events or as loungewear.

Cashmere Jumpsuit

Featuring ease of wear and tasteful designs, a Cashmere jumpsuit is sure to provoke a free-spirited feel. If you're looking on to ditch the classic look, you cannot go wrong with a humble jumpsuit. Each jumpsuit tells a different story and is perfect as your casual go-to or an outdoor companion. The iconic fabric is strong yet breathable and provides unmatched comfort.

Cashmere Tops

Minimalist? Modest? Festive? Vibrant? Cool with dramatic sleeves? Luxurious? Kanchan Cashmere has it all. You are sure to find the perfect tops built out of purest Cashmere- sorted just for you.
Beautifully made and boasting a top-notch make, cashmere top is sure to bring out the youthful side in you.

Cashmere Bathrobe

Woven with delicate Cashmere fibers, luxurious Cashmere bathrobes provide great comfort. Cashmere is a great material at naturally absorbing moisture and keeping warmth trapped inside. It is ideal for a chilly movie night or a quick walk to the fridge on a cold evening!
They are extremely durable and cozy yet lightweight and suitable as a towel or casual apparel.

Cashmere Skirt

Featuring gorgeous silhouette, Cashmere skirts are beautifully flamboyant and made to fit you amazingly. The fabric is unique and you'll grow to love how top-notch the material is. From modest and minimalist to fabulous and expressive, Kanchan Cashmere provides the best in quality, original skirts that go perfectly with any dress you might wear.
The collection also features unique romantic skirts that set up the dreamy atmosphere

Cashmere Capes

Not all superheroes wear capes, but those who do- surely feel special about their capes! Cashmere capes, made out of 100% pure Cashmere, and the finest attention to detail, are guaranteed to make you into a personal superhero. These are great for cosplays as well as adding a personal flair to your wardrobe.

Cashmere Wrap

A high-quality Cashmere wrap from Kanchan Cashmere doubles as a warm blankety piece of clothing and as a trendy complimentary accessory to any casual or formal wear. High-quality natural Cashmere gets softer with age, so if you get one from Kanchan Cashmere, it only gets softer and fluffier as time passes.

Cashmere Trouser

Casual, comfortable, and fashionable yet uniquely distinctive, a Cashmere trouser is a must-have for anybody. Sporty, with a tight fit- while being comfortable enough for outdoor activities and exercises, these trousers can also be worn when lazily resting around. As they are made with care, and specially made to last longer, you can be sure that these classy Cashmere trousers will last for a very long time.
Extremely lightweight and durable, these are definitely the best quality trousers from Nepal.

Cashmere Shorts

Warm and intimately comfortable as a go-to pyjama or sleepwear, Cashmere shorts are amazingly cozy. The highest quality shorts from Kanchan Cashmere last for years and are sure to be your personal favorite.  
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