7 Reasons to Wear Cashmere Clothes

7 Reasons to Wear Cashmere Clothes

Jan 01, 1970 05:30am | Cashmere

Who doesn't want to feel the soft feeling of a luxurious fabric on you? Cashmere is definitely one of the best fabric choices to make a fashion statement, and it's so versatile- you simply cannot go wrong with it. It's a perfect addition to your wardrobe- be it old shabby jeans or elegant Designer clothes. Light-weight, sleek and stylish, it doubles in insulation and comfort.
Kanchan Cashmere makes the finest top-notch Cashmere for everyday people. With fantastic clothes that aren't overpriced, it's a no-brainer really, that Kanchan Cashmere is one of the best-selling makers from Nepal that makes a wide range of the finest Cashmere sweaters, hoodies, trousers, skirts, cardigans, dresses, socks, beanies and just about anything you might need.
If you've heard about Cashmere but are unsure as to why adding Cashmere clothes to your wardrobe is a great idea, buckle up! This article tries to explain just that.

1. Natural and sustainable

Cashmere clothes are made out of the necks or under-belly of Cashmere goats during their molting season. When the goats begin to naturally shed wool off their bodies- the outer coarse wool is manually separated from the finer Cashmere, and made into clothes. Made with sustainably-sourced natural materials means that there is none of the environment pollution issues associated with artificial chemical-laden fabric.
Decades after you've gotten your Cashmere clothes, in the unlikely scenario that you finally decide that the fabric has served you as much as it can, Cashmere fibres decompose very easily, leaving non-degrading compounds.

2. It's warm

The best way to stay warm in chilly weather would be to get inside a blanket. While it certainly is a great idea when you are just lying around, it's not very practical when you're shoveling snow or going to work in your car. Unless a blanket's what you're going for, we've got you covered with the best quality Cashmere clothes from Nepal.  
Saying a Cashmere clothing is warm would be an understatement. Made from Cashmere goat's wool, Cashmere clothes boast an unmatched level of insulation and comfort. It often takes more than two goat wools just to make a single ply cloth (thinner sweaters, cardigans, trousers) and many more to make thicker coats and heavy winter sweaters.
It's been said that Cashmere is upto 8x warmer than normal woollen wear, and that means, even a humble Cashmere cardigan can save you from freezing in chilly winter evenings.

3. Free from nasty allergies

Since it's 100% pure, and utmost care has been taken to obtain the highest quality fibres in a health-friendly way, Cashmere is naturally free from toxic chemicals that creep in during the various processes of industrial refining and dyeing. So, high quality Cashmere does not cause allergies like synthetics do. This all means that you can wear be assured that you won't have any allergies or health conditions from wearing Cashmere on a daily basis.

4. Forever tasteful and fresh

While many clothes manufacturers that make a wide range of garments from dry-wash Jeans to nifty Hats- say that the product is wrinkle free and doesn't shrink on use, we all know that most clothes do shrink after a while. Cashmere however, doesn't shrink or wrinkle at all if you lay it hanging from a surface. Even if you leave it rolled up carefree, it will retain its flowing texture after hanging for a very short period of time.
One of the reasons it's a personal favorite of many connoisseurs is because, not only is it incredibly durable- it looks equally stylish even after years of wear.

5. Soft and Fashionable

Cashmere is seriously soft, and there are thousands of reviews on the Internet saying how delicate it feels against your skin. It's ideal for tiny babies with softest skins and for anybody who wants to feel the comfort of soft and luxurious high-quality fabric. It's also a clever yet simple item to gift your significant and loved ones to express high consideration from your part.
With clothes from Kanchan Cashmere, you can feel the tenderness of the superior fabric, as if you were hugging a giant fluffy teddy-bear!  

6. Trendy yet timeless

We all have that item we brought from the store when it was really trendy. It seemed that people weren't getting enough of those, and one day, somehow, it suddenly went out of trend- leaving you with a clothing you soon forgot you owned.
With ephemeral trends over-hyped by media celebrities, the fashion industry has new weekly trends, and keeping up, if you choose to do so, can get quite expensive. With a humble Cashmere clothing, you can never go out of style. There is a reason why the popularity of a fabric from Kashmir (India) has spread world-wide- the ethereal aesthetic definitely being one.
You can sport a classy look with a Cashmere cardigan or a casual friendly look with a Cashmere hat. It's sure to spice up your wardrobe and keep you in-style all year round. You don't have to worry about what the neighbour wears when she goes to the mall because sporting a Cashmere scarf, or a Cashmere cardigan has got you covered style-wise for many years to come.

7. You know you deserve it!

While it may sound cheesy said outright, everybody deserves a good investment in  quality Cashmere wear. A well-made Cashmere sweater or coat can protect you throughout the entire Winter, and can be worn anytime of the year without worrying about the temperature. It's a well-known fact that a neat collection of elegant outfits in your wardrobe highly boosts your confidence. If you're stuck, a friendly nudge in the direction of your ambitions can be just what you need- and a Cashmere accessory will definitely inspire you to get on with it.
There doesn't need to be an occasion to feel special, for that, my friend, you are- probably more than you know it.
We each have our own reasons for choosing fine Cashmere wear, and perhaps that's what adds to the unique beauty of Cashmere.
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