Washing Instructions
Cashmere can be hand washed or dry cleaned.

For Handwashing
1. Soak your Cashmere cloth in lukewarm water using the mild detergent.
2. Squeeze the cloth gently through the fabric. Be careful not to rub or stretch the cloth.
3. Rinse thoroughly your garment in lukewarm water and squeeze excess water with care before lifting out the cloth to avoid stretching.
4. Bring your garment back to original shape and leave it to dry naturally. Do not place your Cashmere garment in direct sunlight or radiators and do not tumble dry. You can dry press the garment with a cool iron.
Cashmere products demand more attention than products made from wool. Small balls of fibre called pills can be seen in cashmere items after the use of these products for first few times. These balls are formed by loose fibres tangling together when that area is rubbed during wear. You can remove the pills either with your own hand or you can also use special Cashmere comb.
How to prevent Cashmere from Moths

Always keep your Cashmere garments clean. Sweat and food stains easily attract moths so that these moths can lay eggs on dirty Cashmere.
Zip bags are the best choice if you want tostore Cashmerefor long period or till next season.
The life cycle of moths is 21 days. It would be good to open your drawer at least once a month to let the light and air in.
In order to remove moths from Cashmere, you can wrap the cashmere in tissue paper. Then, place the wrapped cashmere in a plastic bag and leave it in a refrigerator for the whole night. You can defreeze the bag the next day so that it will kill moth as well as its larvae.
Place cedar balls around hangers. This acts as the moth repellent.

Storing Cashmere
Do not hang your cashmere.
Always fold your cashmere.
Do not use hot water.
Do not rub the cashmere fabric.
Apply shampoo directly over stain and hand wash the stain.

Machine Washing
Do not add fabric softener while washing.
Set your machine in wool, silk or delicate cycle.


Quality checks are made on all our production cycles with the help of our technicians and state of the art instruments.



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