Cashmere Care

Cashmere care is important. Why? Cashmere is the one of the finest fabrics that will last for decades. The catch is you will have to take care of it. With proper care, you will see that Cashmere products are quite like a wine; they get even better with time and age. Some people have watched their precious cashmere wither in no time while some have passed it to other generations as heirloom. Guess the reason? It’s pretty easy actually. Knowing how to care for this masterpiece of a fabric. Having witnessed the despise and remorse of our clients upon degrading of their cherished cashmere garments, below we have shared cashmere care instructions. 
Following these” Care for cashmere guide”, you can handle your cashmere cardigans, cashmere sweater, cashmere scarves or other cashmere garments better. 

Cashmere care guide/ How to care for cashmere at home?

1. How to wash cashmere sweaters?
Most people avoid washing cashmere until it is necessary thinking that washing might damage their favorite fabric. However, doing this makes their valued cashmere clothing more prone to moths. And, trust us, you don’t want to know what moths will do to your cashmere cardigans.
Follow the following simple washing tips to care for cashmere clothing-
• If you go hand-washing, make sure that you don’t wring or squeeze it while washing and rinsing.
• Go for mild detergent or baby shampoo.
• While washing, using the tepid water, turning the cashmere inside out are some other suggestions.
• If you are machine washing, go for a hand-washing function or use the gentlest cycle like silk, delicate or wool cycle.

2. How to dry cashmere sweaters?
• Do not dry in direct sunlight or radiators- this will help in avoiding discoloration and size shrinking.
• Rather than wringing or hanging wet cashmere garments to dry, lay the wet cashmere on a flat surface and gently try to soak away or squeeze excess water.
• Reshape the cashmere by hand and let it sit on a clean towel on a hard-flat surface until it dries naturally.

3. Storing your cashmere garments
• Ensure that your cashmere cardigans and fabrics are dry before storing them.
• Store your cashmere in a re-sealable bag or zip-lock bag to protect it against moths.
• Store it in a closet and a drawer that closes tightly.
• Rather than hanging, just fold it gently. This helps against stretching.
• Don’t store sweaty cashmere or cashmere with stains since they are more probable to allure moths.

4. Pills prevention: How to maintain cashmere?
• Brush the fabric using bristle garment brush or electric depillar.
• While brushing the pills away, lay your cashmere on a plane/smooth surface and brush in a single direction.  

5. Bonus tip
• ­Don’t use fabric softener since cashmere has a birth habit of getting soft naturally over time.

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