Certifications & Products
Being a manufacturer and distributor of cashmere items in Nepal Kanchan cashmere is with experience of designing and producing the finest cashmere products since decade. Producing quality and eco friendly cashmere products to meet satisfaction of customer and enhance the clothing behavior of people that defines personality and looks is the goal of Kanchan cashmere.

Legal and ethical standards of cashmere products are certified as

CASHMERE 100 Nm 2/28 100% cashmere, tariff code 51081090
DUEQUARANTASEI Nm 2/46 100% cashmere, tariff code 51081090
SOFFIO Nm 2/60 100% cashmere, tariff code 51082092

Kanchan cashmere respects the need and trend of fashion. Dedicated to produce valuable natural products with incredible smooth finish, silky touch and quality of wool to provide insulating warmth.
Manufacturing really lightweight clothing products, Kanchan cashmere produces effective winter clothing that is really comfortable and softest ever to provide luxury status.

Kanchan cashmere is one of the leading cashmere manufacturers of handmade and knitted as well as printed cashmere products including sweaters, cardigans, scarves, mitten, ponchos, gloves, socks and other items that defines fashion trends and fulfil need of customers.

Our productions:

Women products: Sweaters, Cardigans, Hoodie, Jumpsuit, Top, Skirt, Capes, Trousers, Shorts, Bathrobe
Cashmere coat, Sweater

Accessories: hat, ponchos, scarves, triangle, socks and many more.

Soft and warmth luxury fabric is always in priority of users. We produce cashmere products with raw materials of cashmere domesticated goat. Our craftsmanship always satisfy customer because of our quality products.

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