Changing a Delivery Address

 Do you want to change your delivery address? Not a big issue. We Kanchan Cashmere, begun with customer satisfaction hence, dealing with us is not a huge problem in changing your address. We provide the possibility for those who want to change their address. However, you should be clearly stating the reason why you are going to change it.

Once you put your order with Kanchan cashmere then changing the delivery address is only possible. Your clear reason should be given to our customer services & through them, you can change it. Moreover, your changing of delivery address is possible if so far your order has not been shipped yet. We have our customer service, you can simply call them if some problems arise. We always take care of your products as our own integrity until you received it.

Please bear in mind that, for administrative purposes, your address must be in the same country as formerly indicated.

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