Nm. 23.000 / Cashmere 25% Seta 12% PM 4% PA + Paillettes

Gritty G33225
Gritty G33225   G33225
Gritty G33228
Gritty G33228   G33228
Gritty G33233
Gritty G33233   G33233
Gritty N30060
Gritty N30060   N30060
Gritty S33157
Gritty S33157   S33157
Gritty S33159
Gritty S33159   S33159
Gritty S33169
Gritty S33169   S33169
Gritty S33170
Gritty S33170   S33170
Gritty S33171
Gritty S33171   S33171
Gritty S33186
Gritty S33186   S33186
Gritty S33239
Gritty S33239   S33239
Gritty S33300
Gritty S33300   S33300

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