It’s a great weight for layering when you need something to keep you warm and insulated in the winter. This can be a year-round piece in your collection which you can style to compliment any of your fits. They will last longer and the cost per wear is as low as or lower than cheaper pair of hoodies. Check out the full collection of our hoodies for your choice of colors and sizes.

Cashmere hoodies are super casual and can be worn throughout the year in any season. You can wear it fitted and oversized as well. There are even varieties in hoodies from old fashion style to modern classic ones. We all have different sorts of hoodies in our wardrobe for different seasons, for colleges, and for casual wear. Hoodies can come with zipped, open, and sweatshirt patterns. Hoodies are factory-made from synthetic fibers in many places for their mass production.

Why do we need Cashmere Hoodie?

It creates versatility in your wardrobe. Only a few people with unique tastes prefer qualitative luxury fashion pieces to be a daily part of their lives. Many have been compromising for the quality of hoodies and choosing short-life fabrics over natural fibers like Cashmere. There are only limited sellers of Cashmere Hoodies and we are the best of Nepal with expert designers and skilled craftsmen of the garment industry. Every product manufactured and sold overseas has excellent reviews from the buyers. Hoodies are everyone’s wardrobe essential to slip in that function in all aspects of genderless fashion.
Women’s Hoodie Sweatshirt and Women’s Open Hoodie Sweatshirt are the best-selling hoodies we manufacture. Our customers have ordered more of these and we have made thousands of Customized hoodies as per their choices as well. Other hoodies that have been customized and loved by our customers are: fitted hoodies, neutral color hoodies, oversized hoodies, colored hoodies, fine-knit hoodies, and the list goes on. We respect and appreciate everyone’s tastes and preferences and therefore we keep our arms and craftsmen ready to get your dream design fit for your body.
The fitted hoodie has been inspired by traditional fashion where most of the clothes used to be fitted and body-hugging. But this unique mix of getting a fitted hoodie in the collection of KANCHAN CASHMERE creates a unique streetwear fashion piece. These fitted hoodies are often mistaken as a skin-tight hoodie that does not create a pleasant look. Our fitted hoodies are slim-fit hoodies that you can wear while working out, at home, and are best for casual wear. These hoodies are incredible and give you extra space for layering of Jackets and Coats. These hoodies can be worn all-round the year. Cashmere fitted hoodies can be worn with a thin jacket to create a traditional streetwear outfit. This look pulls a whole different aesthetic vibe and the pair complements each other.
Neutral-colored hoodies are the most popular hoodies these days. They can be seen wearing my multiple designers and influencers. You can wear these under pretty much any jacket and coat as its color blocks very well. It‘s also great to wear on its own. These basics are great and versatile and that’s why everyone tries mixing these with various outfits. Our cashmere hoodies give a really chill vibe and any color can make the piece feel luxurious.
Our hoodies look great when styled with a monochromatic color-blocking setting. Black color just blends well for a seamless silhouette and you can pair any colored cashmere hoodies with black bottoms to look absolutely stunning.
You can style oversized hoodies a lot more tastefully and the best part about any of these oversized ones are that they won’t look bulky or feel heavy at all. That’s the specialty of cashmere fabric and these pieces will stay in trend for a really long time. You can even share your hoodies with your partner as hoodies are especially genderless outfits. They look good on anybody's types. You can play with the sizing and proportion of your fit. Colored hoodies are an awesome way to add a pop of color to the fit while staying warm and cozy. You can style it with accessories to color-block the rest of the fit. Best of all, cashmere hoodies give off a really chill, cozy relaxed vibe. You can drastically switch up your aesthetic by just going up a size or two with the same amount of money

Fashion is all about fun, experimentation, mixing different aspects of certain styles to make your own personal style. After all these long years one thing is for sure: Our customers never forget how we have made them feel and our brand is defined by customer satisfaction.

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