How to Iron Cashmere

While storing and cleaning cashmere get creased and wrinkle so that ironing is preferred before wearing to remove them. Cashmere is a precious and expensive luxury good. It is extremely soft and easily gets damaged. Ironing cashmere is a sensitive job. So, we need to be careful to maintain it.

After properly washed and dried ironing is necessary to remove wrinkles of the cashmere goods. You can either use a fabric steamer from a slight distance and allow cashmere to cool before wearing or use a standard iron as well.

Take care of some ideas to maintain wrinkle less cashmere:
• Iron cashmere on the lowest heat level
• Direct contact to the iron and cashmere is dangerous
• The heat must be only fine up that is enough to straighten cashmere hairs
• Use wet cotton between the iron and cashmere garment
• Don’t let iron sit in any spot of the cloth, keep iron moving.

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