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We are the only one in Nepal who offers the best service of “made to order”. It is a rare and great way to satisfy our customers.
The normal sweater is designed for 5 parts of the body: Collar, Front body, Back body, Left arm, and right arm. In addition, it is the normal process to design each piece. We designed the knitwear with new looks and a new style. Kanchan Cashmere is the only cashmere manufacturer in Nepal since 2008 that specializes in made to order items.

Turn wise turn is the process we do to make the products suitable for many sizes.

It is not so easy to increase the size, most people think by adding the row line is enough, that’s is not so correct the waistline is curved, to maintain the shape and lines the patterns need to be designed again. The most difficult part is to change the bust width. Sequence wise all it needs to be adjusted shoulder width, sleeve length, armhole position, and sleeve width. The process, effort, and time are similar to custom-made designing, it is not so easy but we care for our customer and our aim is to make customers happy.

We have the services of other custom orders; we do our best to create knitwear that fits your figure and preference.
Linking is the process of attaching pieces of wear collected later the parts will be knitted. It is a process to stitch and connect the knitted parts one by one. The result will be disappointing if the stitch is missed. If the mistake happens, it has to be started from the beginning. Therefore, only experts can do the linking.
Mainly there are two types of linking machine


The body of the sweater is knitted from the bottom and knitted from the cuff for the sleeves.

Such as, the front face of the women sweater is knitted double stockinette stitch and next alteration to a plain stitch. To create the curve of the waist, carefully decrease the number of stitches. By adjusting the angle of the curve, wisely decreases stitch per five to six rows.

To knit the back body all the process is similar, only the shoulder line is needed to be angled. Sometimes it is very difficult to identify the front face and the back of a turtleneck sweater, the line on the shoulder confirms the back of the sweater.

A single mistake, Redo the entire thing

The hem and cuff are difficult to set if any mistake happened while stitching and have to stop knitted from that mistake part.

All parts have to be knitted again if you wish to change the body length and sleeve. And, it begins from the fulfilling process. If the yarn is pulled once mistakenly, it is impossible to replace the parts.
A single thread is used to make each part of fully styled knitwear and it is without waste. Cashmere yarn is too expensive than other normal wool so we do not produce any excess. The waste part can be recycled repeatedly; cashmere is an eco-friendly product.

Most people change the size of woven cloth from sleeves or half the waist, such as coats. Knitwear is moderately stretchy and flexible: not all the sizes are the same though. The looks will not be so good if the length is off by more than an inch.

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