Our Production Cycle

Mainly our production cycle started from the handspun and woven to make the delicate cashmere items from the Himalayan regions of Nepal following the traditional techniques. The raw materials used to make cashmere items are of cashmere domesticated goats also called “chyangras” in Nepal. Our product has made by our well-skilled manpower who have experience of 15yrs in cashmere production. Our all items are cashmere which is made by hand and woven with care of our craftsmanship.
Our production are made in large quantities, thus we are able to shipping our items towards Canada and European country. The marketing strategy is only available for outside of the country. However, if someone wants to bulk shopping we follow our B2B techniques and wants to satisfy our customers throughout the world.

The soft to touch wool is harvested from the undercoat of the goat’s neck and underbelly without injuring the goat. Only the finest wool fiber of 16.5 microns and under(6 times thinner than human hair)are considered as cashmere. For much of our range of wool fibers ranging from 15 microns to 100% cashmere.

Kanchan cashmere offers a new purchase experience that aims to get you closer to the vendor with an ad personam service, ensuring maximum accountability and high quality.

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