Not all Cashmere sweaters are the same. There are few methods that can be used to determine the quality of cashmere sweater.

Cashmere Quality Grades
Usually, the fineness and length of Cashmere hair become the determining factor to check cashmere sweater quality. There are three grades of cashmere.

Grade C Cashmere 
This is the cashmere of lowest quality. In this type of product, the cashmere fiber is thick with around 30microns diameter and they are the cheapest of all.

Grade B Cashmere
The diameter of Grade B cashmere fiber is around 19 microns.

Grade A Cashmere
The Grade A cashmere fiber is thinnest and longest of all with less than 14 microns diameter while the length of Grade A Cashmere fiber is around 36mm. Grade A Cashmere products are the most durable ones.

How to check cashmere quality?
The easiest and quickest way of checking cashmere quality is to touch the cashmere. Upon touching, you will get the smooth and pleasant sensation if it is Grade A Cashmere. The softness goes on reducing with less grade cashmere because the length gets shorter and diameter goes on increasing with low cashmere grade.
Alternatively, you can stretch the cashmere slowly and see if it returns back to the original shape. If it returns back to the original shape immediately even after pulling it for some time, it is of high quality.

Cashmere ply differences
The quality of Cashmere varies from 2-ply Cashmere to 4-ply Cashmere to 6-ply Cashmere to 8-ply Cashmere and the number continues till 12-ply Cashmere. 1 thread consists of single-ply yarn. When two single ply yarn is twisted, we get a double ply yarn. The weight and thickness of Cashmere goes on increasing with the increase in number of ply. Cashmere item price increases with the increase in number of ply used to prepare the product.
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Quality checks are made on all our production cycles with the help of our technicians and state of the art instruments.



Kanchan Cashmere is the leading Cashmere manufacturer in Nepal which supplies highest quality Cashmere products throughout the world. As a luxury Cashmere manufacturer and supplier, we deal in exclusive clothing and accessories including handmade and knitted sweaters, scarves, mitten, ponchos, gloves, socks and other items that cope up with the latest fashion trends. The unique properties of exceptional softness and warmth make this luxury fabric a preferred choice among people. Cashmere items are 40% warmer than normal wool and these items are the best to keep your body warm during cold winter.
Being the manufacturer of fine Cashmere products, we provide wide range of 100% Cashmere clothes for men and women in different colours and designs to provide our clients with more choice. We never compromise with quality which is why our technicians make quality checks on all our production cycles to ensure that our clients get the best finished product. All of our Cashmere products are customizable and the size, colour and grading of these items can be tailored to your requirement.

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