Saving Items in Your Wishlist

Falling in love with something is based on a person to person perspectives. If you have discovered everything you enjoy,, then obviously! you may save that item and put to view later whenever you like or you may make a wishlist to keep that item for eternity.

Kanchan cashmere trusts on you and assures you that, you can make or save the items in your wishlist.

But please bear in mind that this opportunity is only available for those who have Kanchan cashmere accounts/registered an account.

You can save any items on your wishlist by just clicking on the “add to wishlist” button that is present for every product page. After that, you may witness whenever you wish by logging into your account. This service is particularly useful if, when searching on your mobile phone, you have found something you want, but love to buy from a desktop computer.

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