Vicuna wool or the fleece of vicuna is an ultimate luxurious fabric that is used to make stunning, durable, comfortable and timeless garments. This fiber is held as the finest natural fiber in the world and is called the fiber of the Gods. It is obtained from a rare animal called vicuna. This exceptional creature is the national animal of Peru.

Vicuna belongs to the camel family and approximately 0.5 kilos of vicuna wool can be extracted in a year from one vicuna. It can only be sheared once in 2 year.The fiber made out of this rare animal was once earmarked solely for royalty-Incan nobility, such was the aura and fame of the Vicuna fleece. The fibers of Vicuna boast half the thickness of the finest wool in the globe. This fiber is a hair fiber and is made of vicunas’ hair. Several sumptuous as well as tremendously relaxing products of vicuna wool out there are socks, shawls, suits, coats and sweaters. In addition to these, Vicuna wool blankets and throws are a popular and splendid choice for home décor. Vicuna fabric is golden-brown in natural (undyed) stages. As a result, the Vicuna fleece is also referred as “Gold of Andes”. Vicuna fleece beats every other hair fiber and wool when it comes to fineness and splendor and hence is the costliest textile product of the world.

Features of Vicuna wool

  • Ultra-soft fleece extracted from an extraordinary animal called vicuna.
  • Can be sheared only 1 time in every 2 year.
  • Mostly sensitive to chemical treatment.
  • Natural color is golden brown.
  • Best natural fiber in the world.
  • Heat retention abilities
  • Chic and versatile garments like autumn coats, shawls and so on.
  • Incredible insulation and adaptation in case of temperature fluctuations.
  • Minimal weights of the products

Is Vicuna wool worth it?

To answer in a sentence- Yes, Vicuna fiber is rightfully worth the reputation and price. Before exploring this, bear in mind that shearing of Vicuna is environment, habitat as well as animal friendly. Vicuna wool is hypoallergenic due to the absence of lanolin. Along with being softer than a cashmere, it is also lighter and warmer than a wool. In addition to this, Vicuna wool can easily be manipulated into other colors since it can be dyed easily. The lustrous texture of clothes made of Vicuna offers high visual appeal. Besides being extremely easy on eyes, Vicuna wool is remarkably strong, durable, elegant, heat resistant with minimal weight. Due to these catchy reasons, Vicuna wool is completely and truly worth the price it costs.

Protection of Vicuna wool

You can clean your Vicuna coat, jerseys, shawls, Vicuna scarves, Vicuna cape, Poncho, sweater and any other Vicuna fabric with baby shampoo that lacks strong chemicals. Guess the advantage of this- along with your precious Vicuna garment, consumers and the environment is also preserved.  


Rightfully labeled “Fiber of Gods'', Vicuna is a bewildering yarn extracted from a magnificent animal. The fineness, splendid thermal capacity, flexibility of Vicuna fabric is being acknowledged and appreciated all around the glove. This has played a huge role in increasing the demand for Vicuna.


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